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Is FTP Game Business Model Viable?

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When venturing into any form of business there are things that one has to consider. The first one is the target audience and the second is the long term profits. Video games in general rake in millions of money from diehard fans all over the world. Contrary to what many people think, there are people willing to spend thousands of dollars on a game they like.

The free to play video game is different from their predecessors pay to play video games in that the user has access to the game without paying. They rely on grasping the full attention of the player. Over the past few years, there are companies that have collected high profits from engaging in production of free to play video games. There are two things that any person intending to venture into this business has to do. To earn good money from free to play video games, one must come up with a good product that will have advertisers knocking on your door. How do you do that? Now this is where the second thing comes in, to woo advertisers, you have to produce a game that will have people hooked. This way the advertisers will be sure that their adverts are being viewed out there.

Apart from adverts, the free to play video games rely on micropayments to make their profits. A player will have to buy virtual goods and right of entry to premium features. The advantage of free to play video games as opposed to its predecessors is that piracy has been eradicated. Therefore, you will get full returns on your investments. The free to play video games is a viable business where the only risk that you have to take is based on your competitor’s creativity. Once you release a good product that beats your competition, you are guaranteed of a ready market.